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The Arts at Lakeland is comprised of Civic Music Ensembles,Civic Theatre, the Gallery at Lakeland, the Lakeland Community College Jazz Festival, and the Young Artists Competition. We exist through support from Lakeland Community College, community participation and interest, and from generous donations.

Please consider donating to support the Arts at Lakeland. Donations help support student scholarships, student and community awards, equipment, facilities, and arts related community events. You can donate to one of ten categories (listed below) which include very specific areas (such as band, chorus, etc.) or are general and can impact many different Lakeland students or arts related activities (General Music Program, Visual and Performing Arts, etc.). Donations of any size are welcomed and appreciated.

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We want you to join us! You can be a part of the audience for productions and art exhibitions or participate by joining one of our organized groups:

  • Participate: We welcome community members to audition for one of our civic music ensembles or civic theatre. Visit Music Ensembles or Civic Theatre for more information on eligibility, requirements, days and times, etc.
  • Audience: If you are not interested in playing in a music ensemble or performing in a theatrical production, but would like to listen or watch, we welcome you to come and enjoy! Visit Arts at Lakeland for the most up-to-date information on upcoming performance details.


Have questions? Contact the Lakeland Foundation with questions related to Giving or the Arts and Sciences Office for questions related to Arts at Lakeland programming.