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Welcome to Lakeland Community College

The Arts at Lakeland provides learning environments that fosters aesthetic literacy and expressive capability through the cultivation of artistic techniques and skills and the exploration of creative traditions and possibilities. The Arts at Lakeland is comprised of Civic Music Ensembles, Civic Theatre, the Gallery at Lakeland, and the Lakeland Community College Jazz Festival. Civic Music Ensembles include: Civic Band, Civic Chorus, Civic Flute Choir, Civic Jazz Orchestra, Civic Orchestra, and Jazz Impact.

Each of these performing and visual arts provides opportunities for students, employees, and community members to witness some amazing works of art, participate in a performing group, or contribute artwork for a visual gallery exhibition. For more information on the Arts at Lakeland, how to join the civic theatre or a civic music ensemble, or for details on upcoming performances, please visit our Arts at Lakeland website or contact us by email ( or phone (440-525-7261).

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