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Composed of approximately 25 middle and high school students, the Lakeland Jazz Impact is an honors youth jazz ensemble bringing together the finest young jazz musicians in Northeast Ohio, and is one of the only groups of its kind in the area. Impact performs on campus, at the Lakeland Jazz Festival, and in recent years has appeared regularly at The Bop Stop at the Music Settlement in Ohio City.


This fund is intended to be flexible, so that it can support a wide variety of opportunities the benefit the Lakeland Jazz Impact and its reach to the community. Activities that may be supported include, but are not limited, to:

  • Operations: Operational support of the Lakeland Jazz Impact.
  • Supplies: Music related needs, such as performance and stage equipment, music library, etc.
  • Development: The commission of original works.
  • Performer Fees: Guest performer fees.
  • Travel: Travel for the Lakeland Jazz Impact performances.
  • Other Performances: Performances/programs at Lakeland for students and the community.
  • Equipment: Music related equipment.
  • Facility Improvements: Improvements to the Dr. William and Mrs. Evelyn Fletcher Memorial Music Room.

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Join Us

Local middle and high school students are encouraged to participate and all community members are welcomed to be a part of the audience for productions:

  • Participate: Lakeland welcomes all middle and high school students to participate. Visit Music Ensemble for more information on eligibility, requirements, days and times, etc.
  • Audience: Lakeland welcomes all individuals interested in listening to the Lakeland Jazz Impact, and please bring guests! Visit Arts at Lakeland for most up-to-date information on upcoming performance details.


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