Welcome to the Student Center Locker Rental Portal!

This site is for Georgia State Students, who are currently enrolled and would like to rent a locker. Lockers overseen by the Student Center are located in the following buildings: (1) Student Center East (2) Student Center West (3) Langdale Hall (4) Urban Life.

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: You will need to stop by the Student Center Administrative Office, with your online order receipt to have the tie cut before using the locker.
Please verify the locker and building before placing your order. No switching of lockers or exchanges and no exceptions.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the locker rental agreement to begin. Terms and Conditions of the locker rental

Student Center Administrative Office:

55 Gilmer Street; Suite 310

Atlanta, GA 30303

404-413-1860 or 404-413-1862 or or at