Georgia State University Presents-Recalibrate Your Expectations Keep It Light, Staying Resilient

Georgia State University Presents-Recalibrate Your Expectations: Keep it Light, Staying Resilient

Featuring Dr. Eileen Dowse

April 20, 2020


11:00 a.m. -Noon (Eastern Standard Time)

The ability to perform and thrive under conditions of ambiguity and uncertainty is critical in these evolving times. Those individuals who can draw on their ability to be optimistic, allows them to function well in difficult situations. These are the people who have an abundant reserve of centeredness, innovation, and stamina, along with a heavy dosing of resilience. How much resilience a person has at any given moment, can make the difference between experiencing a particular situation as painfully challenging or as an ¬open-ended opportunity for personal growth—or even an adventure. This program helps you recognize your natural ability to be resilient and adapt in the face of adversity.

Learning Objectives:

•Significantly influence the situation and alleviate sources of stress

•Find peace during the chaos

•Recalibrate from positive and negative experiences

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