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UConn Waterbury Husky Harvest Food Pantry

The UConn Waterbury campus officially opened “Husky Harvest”, an on-campus food pantry for UConn Students Spring semester 2023.  Food insecurity is one of the biggest issues facing America today. In 2020, the University of Connecticut conducted a study that found that over 55% of UConn students experience some level of food insecurity.  

Husky Harvest has become a necessity on our campus, as many of our students come from financially disadvantaged households. Looking at the numbers, 84% of our students receive some form of aid and 55% receive need-based grants. This is the highest of any of the University’s five campuses. Numerous students will benefit from having a food pantry on campus that is easily accessible.  

Husky Harvest is 100% donation based. The money donated will help us buy reusable bags, so our students do not have to put their food items in their backpack. We also hope to buy lockers so our students can store their food items in between classes. As a commuter campus with no residence, lockers for our students using the food pantry are essential. We also hope to provide our students with basic toiletries and hygiene products.  

Looking to donate something specific?  Click here.

From all of us at UConn Waterbury we thank you for your support and your willingness to help our students.

Waterbury Husky Harvest