Teaching and Learning with Technology
Like the rest of the country, our lives were turned up-side-down with the arrival of COVID. Teaching and learning with technology took center stage. We're proud that the educators who have attended our annual conference had a leg up on the monumental task educators faced, and continue to face. On May 12, 2021, we will hold our 9th annual conference for K-12 educators virtually on how to integrate iPads, Chromebooks, and Cloud-Based Computing devices into the teaching and learning process. We hope you will join us for this learning filled virtual day where fellow educators share how they are using technology to promote student learning.

Register today. Your $50 registration (credit card required) enables you to select one event to attend in each of the eight timeslots on May 12 (starting at 10 a.m. EDT). The registration also includes access from May 13 to June 15, 2021 to recordings of all 24 conference presentations.

Teaching and Learning with iPads, Chromebooks