Fundamentals of Home Gardening - ORNAMENTALS

The Fundamentals of Gardening - ORNAMENTALS course is the fourth of four on the path to achieving the Fundamentals of Home Gardening certificate of completion.

Topics covered are the plants we use in home landscapes including:

  • HERBACIOUS ORNAMENTALS -  types of herbaceous ornamentals, culture, seasonal care, pest and diseases, and propagation.
  • WOODY PLANTS - definition of a woody plant, characteristics, the use of a dichotomous keys ins woody plant identification, selection and care, pruning and propagation.
  • TURF - brief history of American lawns, definition of turf, mowing practices, irrigation techniques, turf grass identification, fertilization, diseases, management of insects pests and weeds.
  • NATIVE-NONNATIVE and INVASIVE PLANTS - ecosystem concepts, impact of non-native/invasive species on ecosystems, Federal and Connecticut Invasive statutes and infrastructure, invasive species in Connecticut, management of invasive species and educating others about invasive species.  .

The course will open on January 30, 2023. You will have access to the course material until September 30, 2023.

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