Fundamentals of Home Gardening - ENVIRONMENTALS

The Fundamentals of Gardening - Environmentals course explores how a plant’s physical surroundings can impact its health.  An understanding of the environment and how pests and diseases can affect plant growth allows the gardener to provide the best circumstances for optimum health and performance. The four sections in this series explore:

  • Plants and the Environment - This module explores the relationship between plants and the world around them. Plant adaptation, environmental factors on plant health and interpreting patterns and causes of plant damage are discussed.
  • Plant Pathology – An overview of plant pathology, looking at both biotic and abiotic diseases/disorders and how to manage disease problems.
  • Entomology - Knowing the basics of insect anatomy, reproduction, and the different ways they damage plants is key to the best management and control.
  • Integrated Pest Management – This module explores the different aspects of good plant management and how to integrate the different tools for the best results and the least negative consequences.

The course will open on January 29, 2024. You will have access to the course material until September 30, 2024.

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