Whether you are looking to assess your baseline aerobic fitness level or conduct repeated tests leading up to that bigrace, KSI can help you. The VO2max test is the most commonly used test to assess the cardio-respiratory fitness of an athlete. The more aerobically trained you are, the better you are able to utilize oxygen. While gradually increasing the intensity of either running or cycling we measure how much oxygen your body is using. This is especially helpful for athletes who wish to see their current fitness status and tailor training off this value. During your VO2max test we can also provide your velocity at your VO2max VVO2 which really tells you more about your aerobic capabilities as well as give you an estimate of your anaerobic threshold (AT). With these values we can help to identify speed or heart rate zones in which you can train. Last we can provide you with your exercise economy and/or running economy (RE) which is the energy demand for a given velocity. Runners/cyclists with good RE use less energy and therefore less oxygen than runners/cyclists with poor RE at the same velocity/watts.

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