Riding Camp Instructor’s Horsemanship Safety Clinic

The Riding Camp Instructor's Horsemanship Safety Clinic Course is intended for Riding Camp instructors who will be instructing campers in any phase of horsemanship.  This includes camps that own or lese horses, utilize campers horses, or contract with a neighborhood stable for horses.  This clinic would also be beneficial to camp directors hiring horse staff or purchasing horses, tack, or equitation services,  Camp staff working with horses need to be aware of safety.  This clinic is a good refresher for anyone interested in safety as well.  Information discussed will include helmet safety, fire safety, tack selection,m fitting care and problems, selection of horses, equine first aid, liability, horse handling safety, and mounted instruction.

This is a self-study course which will be available from April 1st to September 1st, 2024.  You may register for and complete this course during the available dates of the course.

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