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Student Activities

Student Activities

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E-Ticket Terms and Conditions

Photo ID required to claim tickets* upon entry.

For all ticketed events, participants may be required to leave if:
They possess, on or in their person, alcohol or controlled or intoxicating substances, or are unable to care for themselves.

They engage in unwanted contact that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, offensive, or sexual. Contact includes communication using verbal, non-verbal, or electronic means.

They fail to comply with these terms, the student conduct code, or a reasonable request from a staff member or student volunteer.

For live, private Pacific University events, e.g., concerts, dances, or other live performances: Bottles, outside food, and beverages are prohibited. No backpacks or bags.

For shuttle service to and from PDX or other transportation activities:
Pacific University, its agents and employees, shall not be liable for losses incurred by students when transportation is delayed or fails because of an act of God, act or regulation of public authorities or labor unions, labor difficulties, strike, civil tumult, war, epidemic, national or regional interruption of transportation, or severe weather or natural disaster that impedes safe travel.

*You do not need to bring printed tickets with you. It is an electronic ticket. You must have Photo ID(s) that match the name(s) registered to the ticket(s). Pacific student tickets are non-transferrable: They may only be used by the designated Pacific University student. For private Pacific University events, Pacific students are responsible for their purchased guest at all times and must be present together for entry. Guest ticket quantity limits for live, private events are enforced.