Animal and Environmental Health

Animal and Environmental Health
Gifts to the Animal and Environmental Health Fund will support the Pet Food Mercury research project. The Pet Food Mercury research project is an initiative aimed to investigate the total mercury, methylmercury, and genetic signature that identifies specific food content in pet foods and treats.

This initiative builds on previous research that uncovered startling amounts of mercury, a highly toxic metal, in over a dozen common pet foods. Donations to the Fund will support research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, and will cover analytical costs to analyze 100+ pet food and treat samples for total mercury, methylmercury (an especially toxic form of mercury), and genetic composition to determine if the packaging label accurately describes the food.

This research will be supervised by Drs. Gustin, Teglas, and Chichester. For more information about the initiative and for regular updates, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @PetFoodMercury.

For more information on giving to this project, please contact Torrey Hood, Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving at (775) 682-6544 or

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