Peter and Takako Jones Lab Research Fund

Peter and Takako Jones Lab Research Fund
The primary research focus of the Peter and Takako Jones Lab is on facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), which Peter and Takako Jones serve as Co-PI’s. FSHD is the most prevalent muscular dystrophy that affects males and females, children and adults. There are both genetic components and epigenetic aspects that correlate with the highly variable levels of disease severity and progression. Currently there is no cure and there are no ameliorative treatments. We are engineering novel disease models for preclinical testing while in parallel we are identifying FSHD therapeutic targets and developing novel therapeutics approaches for FSHD including small molecule inhibition, small RNAs, and CRISPR-based approaches. In addition, we are refining our new diagnostic technique applicable for all forms of FSHD, which is sensitive, accurate, and will be affordable, and are in the process of making this accessible to neuromuscular disease patients and their families in the near future.

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