08-20-22 (Sat @ 3:00pm): Student(All)/Senior(60+)/Service Pass - Planets Program

Join us for a Journey to the Planets! Ticket includes: a LIVE “Star Walk” in the dome with a UNR Star Guide, a screening of a fulldome planetarium show, a live demo of high-tech remote telescopes (weather permitting) — and a star chart! Plus admission to our museum and exhibits. Please arrive early to check in for your intended program and receive your parking pass. If your program has an age restriction (usually described within ticket title or details), please adhere to those age requirements. The planetarium staff reserves the right to refuse entry to a program already in progress, or if an age restriction is not being followed. By purchasing, you accept the above conditions for admission to the planetarium regarding prompt arrival time, and age restrictions (if applied). We look forward to exploring the universe with you!

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