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Waiver of Responsibility and Authorization of Use:
Every sport or recreational activity has certain inherent risks of bodily injury and/or physical harm, and regardless of the precautions taken, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of participants. I understand that the recreational activity of adult fitness or aquatic programs involves such inherent risks of bodily injury and/or physical harm, and I agree and acknowledge that I am fully informed of those risks and have been provided an opportunity to ask questions or seek additional information. In consideration of the opportunity to participate in the Heskett Center programs, and with full and complete understanding of the consequences of my decision, I agree to waive and release Wichita State University, its employees and its representatives, from any and all claims for injuries or damages that may arise for any reason as a result of my participation in the Heskett Center program, including any and all claims resulting from negligence. I have read and fully understand and voluntarily accept the waiver of responsibility and provide the authorization of use.


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