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Gifts From Home, a service of UW-Stout University Dining Service, offers 2 packages that you can send to UW-Stout Residential Hall students.

Let's Celebrate" includes a personalized frosted celebration size cookie (baked in-house) decorated by hand for any occasion.  The package also includes two 20 oz. bottled beverages, plates, napkins, forks and knife. (Gluten Free available).

"Blue Devil Basket" starts with 6 pieces of seasonal fruit, 6 chocolate chip cookies, two 20 oz. bottles of Aquafina water, and two packets of microwave popcorn.  You can then choose from over 2 dozen add on options to customize the package.

Packages will be delivered, Monday to Friday, to the student's residence hall front desk, when school is in session.

To assure timely delivery, order must be received one week prior to delivery date.

"Gifts From Home" is the only service of this nature that is sponsored by the University. Private parties may attempt to leave you with the impression that they are the University related when they are not.

Gifts from Home