Stout Adventures Trips (Stout Rate)

This rate is for those affiliated with UW-Stout (Students & Employees).

Eligibility: All trips are available to UW-Stout students, employees as well as community members. Some clinics and events are available to students only. Trip participants must be enrolled in a university/college or be 18+.

Refunds & Cancellations: Fees are refundable if the trip/clinic/event is canceled by Stout Adventures. A full refund for the total cost can be granted to the participant when a participant cancels their participation at least two weeks prior to the trip/clinic/event (at least three weeks apply for trips longer than 3 days). If the participant cancels less than two weeks prior no refund will be given unless they can find a participant to take their place. A trip deposit is non-refundable unless a new participant fill the space.

Stout Adventures reserves the right to cancel the trip due to insufficient registration, inclement weather or other unforeseeable circumstances. The only exception to this policy is if Stout Adventures is presented with an authorized absence from the Dean of Students office or a note from a doctor. Stout Adventures makes all cancellation decisions based on weather reports obtained for the area where the activity is planned. Stout Adventures may change location, activity, or time of departure accordingly.

Pre-Trip Meetings: Day trips will not require a pre-trip meeting, all pre-trip information will be communicated via email prior to the trip departure. If a meeting is required, trip participants are required to attend the scheduled pre-trip meeting. Participants who do not attend the pre-trip meeting for the trip they are registered for will forfeit their spot on the trip and will not be eligible for a refund. Pre-Trip meetings are an essential part of the trip to communicate important information about the trip and to start building the group experience and connection. Pre-trip meetings are held at Stout Adventures in advance of the trip departure.

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Questions: Call 715-232-5316 or email

Prices range from 15.00 to 85.00 (price depends on options selected)