Soil Health & Climate Adaptation for CT Growers Course

This 10 module online course is for growers looking to learn more about analyzing their soils, understanding soil health, assessing farmland, implementing conservation practices on the farm, and adaptation and mitigation strategies that can be used in the face of a changing climate. The course will run from 01/11/23 until 4/01/23. The course was created by Kip Kolesinskas, a former USDA NRCS Soil Scientist and current UConn Solid Ground Professional Soil, Conservation, and Land Use Consultant. The course will begin with a live online event on January 11th hosted by Kip, after that you may work through the course at your own pace. Kip will host another live online event on March 29th to wrap up the course, you will have until April 1st to complete the modules. The fee for this course is $60, if you have 8 of the 10 modules completed by 04/01/23, you are eligible to be reimbursed half of the course fee ($30). Deadline to enroll is January 3, 2023.

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