Hydrangeas A to Z: Producing Excellent Hydrangeas Workshop

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Hydrangeas A to Z: Producing Excellent Hydrangeas Workshop
(For members of the Green Industry only, please)

July 21st - McMinnville, TN--CLASS FULL
August 2nd - Virginia Beach, VA
August 4th - Smithfield, NC

$35 prior to May 31st
$50 June 1st - July 15th for TN
$50 June 1st - July 28th for VA and NC
Registration closes after the July 15 (TN) and 28th (VA and NC) deadlines.

Co-organized by North Carolina State University, University of Tennessee, and Virginia Cooperative Extension

Matthew Chappell, UGA
Amy Fulcher, UT
Anthony LeBude, NCSU
Jim Owen, Virginia Tech
Alan Windham, UT
Q&A with extension specialists and industry representatives focusing on fertilizer, plant production, and insect and disease management

Potting Substrate and Fertilizers, Blueing Flowers
Controlling Growth and Enhancing Flowering with Pruning and PGRs
Propagation and Breeding Hydrangas, New Releases
Disease Management

The afternoon session includes hands-on demonstrations with hydrangea crops grown for this workshop. We will examine the effect of lime and aluminum on pH and flower color, plant growth regulators, pruning techniques, container substrates: bark sources and amendments and testing physical properties, and fertilizer and irrigation rates on plant growth and quality. We will also have a hands-on disease ID session and Q&A with speakers and industry representatives.

Time – approx 8 am – 5 pm.
If you are a UT Employee--your registration must be handled with a transfer voucher. Please email sdugger@utk.edu and afulcher@utk.edu for registration instructions.

Cancelation policy:
Cancellations received (by email or phone) 7 days prior to the camp session will receive a full refund of their registration. Refunds within 7 days of the camp session are not possible due to financial commitments to the camp.

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