On Bobwhites

On Bobwhites (Softcover) “The writing is straightforward, clear, and highly readable. Mostly, Guthery (forestry, Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater) succeeds brilliantly in reducing often confusing and complicated scientific concepts to easily understood prose.” --Science & Technology
“…an accessible and practical book written for hunters and wildlife managers. Informative, useful, and easy to understand.” --Southeastern Naturalist

Healthy coveys of bobwhites indicate healthy land. Although biologists have studied bobwhites since the 1920s and have amassed an awesome base of information about this species, their knowledge has not been made widely available to landowners, hunters, bird enthusiasts and other lay readers. The questions that arise after a hunt or in discussions around a campfire already have answers, but these, too often, are all buried in the scientific literature.

Fred S. Guthery, one of the leading experts on bobwhite quail in the Southwest and southern Midwest, provides a wealth of useful and interesting information in this very readable, well-organized single volume originally published in 2006. He offers experiences and perspectives based on research, along with a review of his well-known writings and insights from the previous 15 years of observation.

Guthery has concentrated most of his work on the Southwest, but this book provides information about all the areas that bobwhite inhabit. Because the biology of quail and the principles of their management are very general, the information presented in this book will have application everywhere bobwhites are known.

FRED S. GUTHERY is professor and holds the Bollenbach Chair in the Department of Forestry, at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

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