Quail VII: Proceedings of the Seventh National Quail Symposium

The latest in quail research presented at Quail VII in Tucson, AZ and peer-reviewed.

Quail VII proceedings is very diverse, containing over 80 papers and abstracts--a record number for the National Quail Series.

A pervasive theme of quail management, pen-reared bobwhites, provides some breaking “peer-reviewed news.”

The 21st Century brought the latest approach for releasing pen-reared bobwhites, the Surrogator®, a system backed by a plethora of well-marketed testimonials.

Two independent Quail VII papers, in the Southeast and Texas, describe the actual efficacy of this system.

Quail VII also includes ground-breaking work on prenatal and post-hatch imprinting by bobwhites in a paper by Dr. Bill Palmer on adoptive parent-rearing a genetically wild, but pen-raised, bobwhite.

Quail VII covered a multitude of topics, including translocation of mountain quail and northern bobwhite, phylogeography of scaled quail and bobwhites (northern bobwhite, Yucatán bobwhite, spot-bellied bobwhite and crested bobwhite), hybridization of Gambel’s and California quail, Mearn’s (Montezuma) quail, nutrition, arthropods, exotic grasses, the Conservation Reserve Program, predation, parasites, eyeworms, survival, reproduction, thermoregulation, harvest prescriptions, climate change, economics, conservation planning, attitudes of private landowners, etc.

Geographically, these findings have implications for an area(s) bounded by Brazil, Oregon, Nebraska, New Jersey, and south to Florida.

The majority of Quail VII authors covered Texas bobwhites and scaled quail. Twenty-seven state and federal agencies, universities and institutes reported on their work at Quail VII.

Quail VII also includes executive summaries of both the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative 2.0 (NBCI 2.0) and The Western Quail Plan, ensuring a permanent published record of these ground-breaking initiatives. Item # NBTC-001

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