Native Azalea Pre-Order Online Sales

Native Azalea Pre-Order Sales
Name Color Size Retail Price
‘Jake’s Red’
R. flammeum
Spring blooms
Red Mum Pot $18.00
East Fork Red
R. prunifolium
Summer blooms
Red Mum Pot $18.00
Pete McNees
R. alabamense
fragrant with some doubling
White Mum Pot $18.00
Tappahanna Mist
R. atlanticum
Dwarf, fragrant, bluish leaves
White Mum Pot $18.00
R. calendulaceum x
Flame Azalea Cross
Orange Mum Pot $18.00
Vineland Carousel
Azalea Hybrid
Orange Mum Pot $18.00
Winnie B
R. atlanticum
Compact, fragrant, pink
Pink Mum Pot $18.00
Candy Striper
R. canescens
Fragrant pink
Pink Mum Pot $18.00
Chipola River
R. austrinum
Fragrant yellow
Yellow Mum Pot $18.00
Rising Sun
R. austrinum
Fragrant Yellow
Yellow Mum Pot $18.00
Flame Azalea
R. calendulaceum
Usually orange 1Gal/Mum Pot $18.00
Gregory Bald 19-13 Red orange Ball Mum Pot $18.00
Gregory Bald 18-12 Light - mid yellow Mum Pot $18.00
Gregory Bald 11-2 Orange to pink Mum Pot $18.00
Evergreen Spring Blooming Azaleas
Name Color Size Retail Price
Rainfire Red 3 gal $31.00
Red Slippers Red 3 gal $31.00
Nuccio’s Ivory Tower White 3 gal $31.00
Helen Curtis White 3 gal $31.00
Sagittarius Pink 3 gal $31.00
Sweetheart Supreme Pink 3 gal $31.00
Sherbrooke Purple 3 gal $31.00
Girard's Fushia Purple 3 gal $31.00
Reblooming Evergreen Azaleas
Name Color Size Retail Price
Bloomathon Red Red 1 gal PW $21.00
Bloomathon White White 1 gal PW $21.00
Bloomathon Pink Pink 1 gal PW $21.00
Bloomathon Purple Purple 1 gal PW $21.00
Delivery Method: Pick up after the Symposium

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