ABC’s of Employee Engagement


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September 29-30, 2020 from 9:00AM- 12:00PM

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ABC’s of Employee Engagement

      Organizations today are often flatter and leaner – meaning fewer promotional opportunities and smaller raises. Most organizations are also going through huge transitions as they cope with public health concerns and economic uncertainty. How can supervisors and managers provide an atmosphere that will help motivate employees to continue to contribute and engage, even in times of great change or the absence of traditional rewards or perks?

      In this course you will understand what factors – both intrinsic and extrinsic – contribute to or detract from short- and long-term job satisfaction and commitment. The course will cover several different ways of looking at motivation, from the Elephant-Rider-Path model described in the book Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath, to the Three Elements of Motivation described by Daniel Pink in his book Drive.

      You will learn easy-to-adopt techniques that can be used for managing team members remotely as well as when co-located. You will leave these workshops feeling more inspired and motivated yourself – and better able to create the motivational atmosphere that will power your team’s productivity and morale!

This program will be conducted in two separate sessions, each one covering a different set of motivational topics.

Part I: Topics covered include:

• The State of Employee Engagement Today
• The Role of the Supervisor: Creating a Motivational Atmosphere
• Igniters and Deflaters
• Recent Survey Results: Motivation Factors
• What Today’s Employees are Looking for
• Motivational Models
• Enhancing Engagement in a Remote Learning Environment

Part II: Topics covered include:

• ABC Engagement Strategies
Act like you want them to stay.
Be a leader, build loyalty.
Communicate, communicate, communicate!
Design the right environment.
Expect the best.
• How to Create a Culture of Creative Collaboration
• Ideas for Incorporating the Elements of Surprise and Fun
• You Are the Key: Keeping Yourself Engaged and Energized

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