"Occam's Razor" by Gene Fambrough

“Occam’s Razor”

Dr. Gene Fambrough, Associate Professor at UAB, has released a new CD featuring six of his latest compositions for percussion. A variety of moods are captured with works for soloist and soloist with percussion quartet, the latter featuring the ever-popular Birmingham based Iron Giant Percussion Group. Also included on the disc are several bonus features, including digital versions of the CD booklet and videos of the recording sessions with Iron Giant.

Track listing:

  1. “Occam’s Razor” (solo marimba with percussion quartet)
  2. “Torch” (solo marimba)
  3. “Mario Can’t Dance in the Kitchen” (solo percussion)
  4. “Where Thou Art – That – is Home –” (solo marimba)
  5. “Le Batteur” (solo percussion)
  6. “Shadowfax” (rudimental snare drum with percussion quartet)

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