Chillennium Registration - Annual Game Jam

Chillennium Registration - Annual Game Jam

Chillennium Registration - Annual game jam, hosted by the Texas A&M University Department of Visualization, October 4-6, 2019.

Chillennium is an annual 48 hour student game jam that takes place at Texas A&M University. Organized for students, by students, this unique event brings participants from universities across the nation together to collaborate with experienced industry professionals and compete for awesome prizes! Teams ranging from 1 to 4 participants will be given a common theme and will then have 48 hours to plan, design, and develop a video game from scratch. Artists, programmers, and designers are all invited! No previous knowledge about games is needed, just a passion for creation!

Maximum number of participants on a team is 4.

In the "Quantity" field below, enter the number of participants you are registering in this transaction. You can add team members later, but it is easier to register them all at once.

If one of your team members wants to register at a later date, make sure they enter the team name exactly the same. If any or all of your team's participants are registering individually, please make sure that everyone on the team is registering with the SAME team name.

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