BVW International Film - Found Memories

BVW International Film - Found Memories
November 1 at 6 p.m. - Watch the film October 26- November 1 and join us for a discussion at 6 p.m. November 1st. A link to the film and the Zoom discussion will be provided after registration. Found Memories [Histórias que Só Existem Quando Lembradas] (dir. Júlia Murat, Brazil, 2011, Portuguese language with English subtitles, 97 min.) Discussion lead by Antonio La Pastina, Dept. of Communication. Synopsis: Every morning, Madalena makes bread for Antonio’s old coffee shop, crosses the railroad tracks where no trains have passed for years, cleans up the gate of the cemetery, and listens to the priest's sermon before sharing lunch with the other old villagers. Life here in Jotuomba proceeds as it has for decades, seemingly unchanged by time, until one day, when a young photographer arrives, intent on capturing the magic of this little village.

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