WildLIFE High is a unique social-emotional learning (SEL) program focused on the skills young people need to build meaningful relationships, manage conflict, identify threats to mental well-being, and strengthen their emotional intelligence. Nine scientifically supported skills necessary for positive youth development are delivered across three core learning areas: (1) relational, (2) coping, and (3) cognitive. RELATIONAL SKILLS to help pupils reduce conflict and violence in schools through communication. COPING SKILLS help pupils identify and protect against threats to mental well-being. COGNITIVE SKILLS help pupils build their capacity for emotional and decisional intelligence. The SEL skills are delivered sequentially across the curriculum. Each grade receives one Relational, one Coping, and one Cognitive skill per year. The social challenges assigned based on student maturity, relevance, and social-emotional capacity. The educational cartoons follow the WildLIFE High cast as they navigate the challenges faced by today’s youth. The animated characters help translate complex SEL skills and serve as standard setters and role models. Price: $40 per student for the year (includes complete WildLIFE High pack) Courses: 1. Bouncing back: resiliency/confidence/optimism 2. Walking in their shoes: empathy/social awareness 3. Coming together: teamwork/relationship skills 4. Dealing with differences: Diversity/conflict management 5. Taking responsibility: Accountability/self-motivation 6. Being in control: emotion management/stress management/trauma informed care 7. Solving my problems: problem solving skills/goal setting/time management 8. Thinking for myself: Critical thinking/resisting peer pressure Lesson Time: micro-lessons are no more than 15 minutes Hours of Content: 90 hours