2020 Energy Law Symposium

2020 Energy Law Symposium
11th Energy Law Symposium
Energy Law Currents: Reconciling Risk and Return
February 27-28, 2020
Texas A&M School of Law, Fort Worth, Texas
6 total hours CLE credit

The 2020 edition of Texas A&M School of Law’s Energy Law Symposium will explore the complex challenges, novel methodologies, and kaleidoscope of actors involved in striking a sensible balance between risk and return in today’s energy economy.

  • Clean Energy Technologies – Leveling the Playing Field
  • The Hydrocarbon Industry's Approach to Political and Regulatory Risk
  • Electricity Governance – Toward a New Business Model?
  • Energy Law & Policy in Cross-Disciplinary Context
  • Careers in Energy Law

The world of energy law is fast-paced and ever-changing. Texas A&M School of Law’s annual Energy Law Symposium offers the perfect forum to help you stay up to date with recent developments and network with thought leaders in the field.

Ticket options:
  • Two-day CLE (6 CLE hours) registration after Feb. 7: $300
  • Single day CLE (3 CLE hours) registration after Feb. 7: $180
  • Non-CLE registration (both days) after Feb. 7: $100