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S.M. Tracy Herbarium Shop


Welcome to the S.M. Tracy Herbarium Store. Proceeds directly support the research, education, and outreach mission of the herbarium. To learn more about us, please visit our website at 

All prints can be purchased with or without frames (you will be presented with this option at checkout). 

To see larger photos up the prints, please visit

Visit us again in the near future, where we will also have mugs, postcards, hats, and t-shirts for sale!

Return policy: If the product has already shipped, we will only refund up to the product amount minus shipping charges. Any orders past 21 days will not be able to be returned or refunded. Refunds will be processed in 5 business days if orders have not been shipped.

S.M. Tracy Herbarium Shop

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FedEx Intn'l l Economy $62.14 $3.00