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Spring 2018 Show Shirt
Spring 2018 Show Shirt Yay Show!!! Shirts that were not pre-ordered are $15!

FALL 2017 Show Shirt
FALL 2017 Show Shirt Pay for your Fall 2017 Finale shirt (or shirts, if you ordered multiple) here! You MUST show proof of payment before receiving your shirt, and you have to have a shirt to perform in Finale!

2016 DAS America T-Shirt
2016 DAS America T-Shirt Heather gray, Gildan t-shirt with red, white, and blue "DAS" letters

2016 Retreat Hat
2016 Retreat Hat Missed Retreat 2016? No worries, you can buy the DAS olympics hat!

Car Decal
Car Decal Promote DAS with an awesome car decal!!!

Car Decal + Laptop Sticker
Car Decal + Laptop Sticker Buy 1 Car Decal and 1 Laptop Sticker for $7

DAS Olive Tank Tops
DAS Olive Tank Tops Razorback, olive green tank tops with white "Dance Arts Society" printed on the front

DAS Running Shorts
DAS Running Shorts Maroon DAS running shorts

Fall 2011 Show Shirt (Red)
Fall 2011 Show Shirt (Red) Red show shirts from Fall 2011

Headband DAS monogramed headband in multiple embroidered colors!

Laptop Sticker (1 only)
Laptop Sticker (1 only) A 3x3 circle maroon and white DAS sticker for your Laptop

Laptop Stickers (2 for $5)
Laptop Stickers (2 for $5) Get 2, 3x3 maroon and white laptop stickers for $5!!

Spring 2012 Show Shirt
Spring 2012 Show Shirt Curtain Call shirts from Spring 2012

Spring 2017 Show Shirts
Spring 2017 Show Shirts There are still show shirts from Spring 2017! They are blue, short sleeve, and Comfort Colors!

Fall 2018 Show Shirt
Fall 2018 Show Shirt Pay for your Fall 2018 Finale shirt here! This is for those who did not pre-order shirts by listing them on the spreadsheet put out by our merchandise coordinator. You will be able to purchase this shirt ONLY AFTER those who placed pre-orders get theirs. You MUST show proof of payment before receiving your shirt, and you have to have a shirt to perform in Finale!

Henley T-Shirt
Henley T-Shirt White Henley shirt with blue writing to advertise DAS in a cute way!

Dance Arts Society

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