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Personalized Precalculus Program (PPP)

Personalized Precalculus Program (PPP)

Thank you for your interest in the PPP. We are excited to have you as part of the program.

Before you can register for a session of PPP you will need to know which session corresponds to the calculus course necessary for your major. If your major requires Math 147, 151, or 171, then you will need to enroll in either the "A", "C", or "E" sessions. If your major requires Math 131 or 142, then you will need to enroll in the "B" or "D" sessions. You can find out the calculus course required for your major by either looking at your degree plan, contacting your academic advisor, or by visiting this page

Once you have determined the session that best fits your needs, click on the Add to Cart button below to start the registration process.

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