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Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow- May 2018

Course Dates:
7-8 May 2018

This course is located in Doha, Qatar at the Texas A&M University at Qatar Engineering Building

Course Overview:
Very complex spatio-temporal multiphase flow patterns, which are often observed in pipelines and wellbores, are not themselves fully understood. Fundamental understanding of the complex flow regime on multiphase flow hydrodynamic scaling and geometric scaling is an open challenge and essential for a substantial economic growth for many industries. Flow assurance such as hydrate formation, slug formation, corrosion build-up, sand production, wax formation, produced water from wells creates severe environmental and safety hazards. The short course will provide a comprehensive means of improving the design conditions of multiphase flow in pipelines and wellbores. The knowledge from this course will lead to significant benefits for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers and academics related to this area.

Learning Outcome:
The learning objectives of this course are as follow:
• The proposed course will cover the backgrounds and fundamentals related to multiphase flow.
• It will cover the latest empirical and mechanistic models for calculating the pressure loss and volume fractions in multiphase flow.
• Gas/liquid, liquid/solid and gas/liquid/solid phase flow will be covered in the course.
• It will discuss the flow regimes of multiphase flow.
• It will cover the design criteria for multiphase flowlines.
• It will demonstrate several case related to flow assurance in pipes and production wells.
• It will provide hands-on learning to multiphase flow numerical simulation using ANSYS platform in TAMUQ's computer lab.

The intended impact on professionals’ workplace performance and success is as follows:
• The knowledge from this course will be beneficial to expand a professional’s knowledge domain in broader perspective related to multiphase flow assurance.
• The employee will use the acquired knowledge in meeting future targeted energy demands by ensuring higher product yield in implementing safer and sustainable designs of flowlines and wellbores in their workplace.
This course will eventually help a company since its employees will have information and knowledge in recent advancement in technology development and design analysis related to multiphase flow assurance.

Who Should Attend:
The knowledge from this course will lead to significant benefits for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers and academics related to the proposed area. Due to the fundamental and applied nature of this course, a wide variety of professionals would be very interested in joining in this course.
Job areas or titles are as follows: production engineering, drilling engineering, petroleum engineer, process engineer, chemical engineer, safety engineer, pipeline engineer, surface facilities engineers, mechanical engineers, academics.
The participants can vary from the entry level to the mid-level engineers mostly employed in oil and gas industry.

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