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Fall 2017 Craft Brewery Course

Fall 2017 Craft Brewery Course
This two day course offers hands-on training on brewery equipment operation and maintenance. Partial list of topics include: Sanitation/CIP, Water quality, Boiler/Chillers, Milling equipment, Pumps/piping/tanks, and New technologies. Personnel will receive fundamental training on how to better manage equipment, infrastructure, and run their operation more efficiently, reliably, and safely, all with a better understanding of how to support production of a specified beer of accurate style and quality. Aside from presentations on best practices by industry experts, equipment will be opened and displayed in demonstrations and we will tour local breweries. New and experienced personnel will benefit from the training and networking available through this Hands-on Practical short course in Brewery equipment operation.

The conference will be held in Austin, Texas from September 17-19, 2017.

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