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2017 THE CHANGING FACE OF ENGAGEMENT: Reaching the 21st Century Forest & Rangeland Client


Reaching the 21st Century Forest & Rangeland Client

Manhattan, Kansas

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The 21st Century is proving to be boast challenges for outreach and extension likely due to the rapid expansion of the internet, social networking, and a consumer-driven information market where instant access to trustworthy, reliable information is the expected norm. For Cooperative Extension to compete and succeed in this “information-on-demand” environment it will take more than simply making information available. Professionals in forest and rangeland natural resources arenas are going to have to learn and apply effective strategies that engage people in light of different demographics, age, income, land expertise, and most importantly - learning styles.  

No matter how good information and materials are, key components such as information translation and adaptability are vital for successful application. Over the years, most of us have improved our abilities to serve various clients, however, most professionals still lack is an extensive understanding of how people learn in today’s environment, as well as how to apply tactics to improve their ability to translate usable science. To address these important communication components, we are bringing together a unique, interactive workshop for those that work with landowners, stewards, and producers on forest and rangelands. This workshop is designed to help participants build skills and expertise in reaching multi-generations on the land, through understanding how people hear and process information, as well as different learning styles between generations.  

Anyone who serves in the capacity of providing science-based information that benefits the natural resources of this nation, and serves the citizens both on private and public lands. This includes agencies, NGO, private and public institutions as well as city, county and regional planners.  

Hear from generations expert Amy Lynch

Think all generations operate the same? Think again! There are critical differences between generations that impact learning and participation.
Help identify needs and barriers within forest and rangeland outreach and extension.

Help identify and be part of a strategic effort to move the mark forward in our nation efforts to assisting rangeland efforts by prioritizing and identifying national needs and solutions.

Learn innovative ways to provide programming and outreach Henry Ford did not just add another set of horses to buggy’s and carriages, he created a new way to move. Learn about new methods and processes for outreach and engagement to meet critical management goals.  
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