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Photovoltaic Systems: Design, Installation, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

Course Dates:
15-19 April 2018

This course is located in Doha, Qatar at the Texas A&M University at Qatar Engineering Building

Course Overview:
This course is structured to provide participants with an understanding of the principles of design, installation, commissioning , inspection, testing, and maintenance of solar PV systems and their inverters. Power electronics Inverters are a key element in PV power systems. There are different types of inverter manufactures in nowadays market, how to select the most suitable inverter type for your application is the core of PV system design. In addition, how to capture the maximum power from PV arrays and inject it into the grid following the grid integration standards is the proof for the success of PV system operation. This course will cover these two important points and provide the participants with the necessary knowledge on the typical wiring systems and assist delegates in gaining the knowledge required to carry out calculation and Installation of Solar PV systems. Also the inspection , testing, troubleshooting and maintenance necessary on completion.
Upon the completion of this course, participants would have a better understanding of the principles related to the most common modeling methods used for the design, analysis, and planning of solar PV generation system, identify optimum sites for solar electric systems; shading live system for Qatar Environment, and better awareness of required engineering practices in regard to wire sizing, equipment specifications, permit processing, commissioning and other necessary steps in the design and installation phases of residential and commercial systems.
Laboratory based experimental sessions are included to provide better understanding of the topic.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for electrical engineers, electrical designers, installation and operating engineers, research engineer who are working in different energy sectors and are aiming to boost their careers in the field of renewable energy and PV systems.

Learning Outcome
- Awareness to PV design and construction.
- Design and wire diagram a large-scale and complex PV system.
- Selection of the most suitable power electronics converter for different PV applications.
- Awareness of inspection and testing of PV system.
- Awareness of different PV system grid interconnection standards and regulations.
- Implementing all the required control algorithms for integration of PV system into the electric grid.
- Gain practical knowledge on troubleshooting and maintenance of PV system.

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