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Full Year Membership Dues

Sigma Delta Honor Society
These dues will go towards professional development events, socials, company sponsored dinners, and opportunities to attend industry conferences. *$5 cash discount available* For cash discount, please fill out the "Cash Membership Dues" link and bring $25 to the 2nd floor front desk of Fermier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will be asked to provide your Major GPA. If you are unsure of your Major GPA, you can follow these steps to access it: Go to "My Record" on Howdy. Click "View Degree Evaluation." Click "Generate New Evaluation." Select the bubble next to "Program: BS IDIS" and click "Generate Request." Select the bubble next to "General Requirements" and click "Submit." Scroll down until you see "Major Coursework," and your Major GPA is listed at the bottom of that section. If you have any questions, contact us at

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