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Krisys Robot Kit

Krisys Robot Kit
The Krisys Robot Kit provides all necessary parts and components to design and fabricate a three-wheeled autonomous mobile platform. The kit supports the inclusion of multiple embedded intelligence systems that can acquire sensor input, implement a control algorithm and generate the control signals necessary for full autonomous operation. The embedded intelligence (not included in the kit) can be a software-based microcontroller such as a LaunchPad, Arduino, BeagleBone, or RaspberryPi, or a hardware based Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based implementation such as the Basys3 Board. Path sensing is accomplished using three inductors that sense the magnetic field generated from a wire taped to the floor carrying an alternating current from a signal generator. The kit also provides all power conditioning and amplification required to operate the robot from a single, 9V to 12V battery using Pulse Width Modulation and H-bridge technology to control direction and speed of both motors. The Krisys Robot Kit is suitable for course projects in digital electronics, embedded C or assembly programming and other high level languages such as Java, Python, VHDL or ROS. Kit price discounts codes are available to students , as well as, for quantity purchases of 10 or more kits. Contact Dr. Joseph Morgan at for codes.
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