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Nuclear Power Plant Systems -PWR Fall 2018

Nuclear Power Plant Systems -PWR Fall 2018

Fall 2018: Aug 27 - Dec 12.

All payments are non-refundable. Registrants must have received an email from an NPI representative approving the application and a PASSWORD prior to submitting registration and payment. If you have not received this password and an email approving your application, you will not be able to submit this registration form.

To apply to the NPI Training Certificate program, please read more at Certificate Programs.

Nuclear Power Plant Systems -PWR is part of the NPI Training Certificate program. This training unit covers the basic engineering concepts of the systems that make up modern Pressurized Water Reactors. It introduces students to the following: Nuclear Steam Supply Systems, Steam Plant Systems, Control Systems, and other supporting systems used in todays PWRs.

Learning outcomes:

  • This course ensures that students understand engineering principles associated with systems and components used in two types of commercial nuclear power plants.
  • The course meets the requirements of the National Academy for Nuclear Training standards (ACAD) for engineers in the nuclear industry.
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