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Nuclear Power Plant Operations Spring 2019

Nuclear Power Plant Operations Spring 2019

Spring 2019: Jan 14 - May 13.

All payments are non-refundable. Registrants must have received an email from an NPI representative approving the application and a PASSWORD prior to submitting registration and payment. If you have not received this password and an email approving your application, you will not be able to submit this registration form.

To apply to the NPI Training Certificate program, please read more at Certificate Programs.

Nuclear Power Plant Operations is a part of the NPI Training Certificate program. This training unit includes overview of mass, momentum and energy conservation as it relates to nuclear power plants; includes coupled neutronic/thermal models to study plant operations semi-quantitatively achieving an integrated plant understanding.

Covered topics:

  • 1. Mass, momentum, and energy conservation
  • 2. Neutron power kinetics
  • 3. Coupled neutronic/thermal hydraulic modeling
  • 4. Plant operations
  • 5. Qualitative transient modeling
  • 6. NSC demonstration transients
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