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Flow Assurance & Operability of Subsea Systems

Flow Assurance and operability have been challenging multi-disciplinary subjects addressing the hydrocarbon production and transport from offshore fields to the host facilities safely and economically. This course will systematically cover the subsea field development, design, prediction, and operation of subsea systems including prevention and remediation of various phenomena that may hinder fluid flow in petroleum oil and gas production systems.

1. Describe the basics of flow assurance and operability and key design challenges for subsea field development, system operation and design considerations due to multiphase fluid flow.
2. Analyze reservoir fluids and properties, and apply modeling tools, methodologies and equations of state.
3. Define flow assurance design approach, key methods, and their integration into the different aspects of the subsea system and topsides equipment designs.
4. Utilize flow assurance analysis methods to manage solids formations and depositions due to hydrate, wax, asphaltene, scale, corrosion, sand, and emulsion.
5. Apply tools to model complex subsea systems, predictive methods, thermal hydraulics in steady state including pressure, temperature profiles, liquid holdup, erosion, flow regimes and line sizing/flow capacity and heat transfer/insulation for normal operations.
6. Identify transient behavior of multiphase fluid flow on production system design and operations including details on slugging, pigging, shutdown, restart, depressurization (blowdown), ramp-up/ramp-down, initial startup, packing and other transient operations.
7. Apply production chemistry to use inhibitors for prevention and remediation of solids formations/depositions during subsea system operations.
8. Integrate flow assurance evaluation and analysis results/recommendations, with pipeline, riser, subsea and topsides process engineering and operations, for fluid transport from reservoir to host facilities.

Fee: $1800
Location: Online
Fall 2016 Semester

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