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Subsea Riser Design

Subsea risers are part of the “SURF” system that conveys fluids from the subsea well to the host facility or from the host facility to an export system. Riser design requires a multi-disciplinary approach, including meeting design requirements for strength and fatigue due to hydrodynamic loads and operational loads. This course offers a practical view of riser project realization from concept selection through installation and offshore acceptance testing.

1. Describe the different riser concepts and configurations,
2. Explain the key decision drivers associated with riser concept selection,
3. Explain how to apply metocean and operational loads in a riser design,
4. Explain how manufacturing process, transportation, and installation methodology drive a riser design,
5. Prepare a riser design plan, including a load case matrix,
6. Identify when a riser concept is a qualified solution and if not, what testing may be required to qualify a riser solution for a particular field,
7. Explain the riser project evolution, including key interfaces, from concept selection to offshore acceptance testing.

Fee: $1800
Location: Online
Fall 2016 Semester

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