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ISEN 613 - Engineering Data Analysis

ISEN 613 - Engineering Data Analysis

This course provides an introductory, hands-on treatment of broad aspects of the emerging field of data analytics for engineers, with focus on statistical learning and predictive modeling methods. The course is designed mainly for master students pursuing professional degrees. The three objectives of the course are to:
(1) Learn the basic techniques of statistical learning and predictive modeling;
(2) Learn the principles of building and validating these modern statistical models for engineering applications;
(3) Demonstrate your knowledge of the techniques and principles by implement existing techniques or developing a novel technique in a real world problem, and conduct a comprehensive and insightful review study in any emerging area of statistical learning and data mining. Basic knowledge in probability and statistical methods, and linear algebra is required. Prior programming experience is a plus.

Dates: May 18 - August 15, 2016
Fee: $1800
Location: ONLINE

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