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Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals Fall 2018

Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals Fall 2018

Fall 2018: Aug 27 - Dec 12.

All payments are non-refundable. Registrants must have received an email from an NPI representative approving the application and a PASSWORD prior to submitting registration and payment. If you have not received this password and an email approving your application, you will not be able to submit this registration form.

To apply to the NPI Training Certificate program, please read more at Certificate Programs.

Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals is part of the NPI Training Certificate program. This training unit includes reactor water chemistry, material science, electrical science, mechanical science, civil engineering for nuclear power plant engineers, and digital process control systems.

Learning outcomes:

  • Students will be able to recognize and recall the basics of nuclear reactor terminology, definitions, and concepts associated with reactor physics and theory and technology of nuclear power plant.
  • Students will learn the principals of water chemistry control for nuclear power plant systems.
  • Students will classify different materials and alloys in power plant applications and describe effects of radiation on them: such as the fracture of nuclear fuel, stress development in the reactor vessel wall, erosion/corrosion effects.
  • Students will apply their knowledge of basic electrical theory, basic alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) theory in application to nuclear power.
  • Students will apply their knowledge of mechanical engineering principals to the theory of valve fundamentals and components, pumps, turbines, vibration, and rotating equipment safety
  • Civil engineering design principals and considerations will be named.
  • The construction and principle of operation of the different sensing and indicating devices used at power plants will be explained to students.
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