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AGEC 437 Tax Planning

AGEC 437 Tax Planning
This course applies the principles of income tax planning to enhance household income after taxes. If you are interested in learning how to implement useful tax planning strategies, this course is for you. Upon taking this course, you will be able to understand tax laws, concepts and rules while learning about the opportunities for tax planning. Furthermore, this course focuses on practical application for tax professionals and financial planners.


As a result of your participation in this course, you will be able to:

- Describe and apply the federal income tax system to the calculation of gross income and tax liabilities for households and small businesses.

- Describe the tax implications of property transactions, including depreciation, sales and other dispositions.

- Explain the alternative minimum tax and its effects on tax liability, and describe the characteristics and taxation of various legal business entities, such as partnerships, LLCs, and C and S corporations.

- Apply the concepts of gift and estate taxation to the development of plans for estate planning planned giving to achieve the benefactor’s goals.
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Course Refund Policy There are occasions when an Extended Learning student finds that it is necessary to discontinue participation in a course. Refunds will be issued based on the following schedule: *10% is retained to cover processing costs and course enrollment fees.