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Basic Plant Breeding (Online: Jan. 14 - May 10, 2019) Dates are Approximate)- Full Course (All 3 Units)

Basic Plant Breeding (Online:  Jan. 14 - May 10, 2019)  Dates are Approximate)- Full Course (All 3 Units)

Includes all three units of Basic Plant Breeding - Introduction to Basic Plant Breeding, Breeding Self Pollinated Crops, and Breeding Cross Pollinated Crops.

Unit I - Introduction

Provides a review of plant reproduction, genetic variation, gene banks, germplasm preservation, gene segregation, the power of selection and its role in plant breeding, and an introduction to intellectual property and its role in the life of a plant breeder. This module is designed to prepare the participant to explore the genetics and methodologies employed by plant breeders of self and cross pollinated crop species in modules two and three of Basic Plant Breeding.

Unit II - Breeding Self Pollinated Crops

This unit is designed to communicate plant breeding methodologies that take advantage of the genetic consequences of natural or forced self-pollination in agronomic crops. Topics will include: [1] the basics of segregation, [2] breeding methodologies, [3] the grain sorghum conversion program-an example of backcrossing in a different direction, [4] review of a commercial soybean cultivar development program, and [5] a review of the types of genetic releases from Texas A&M AgriLife Research.

Unit III - Breeding Cross Pollinated Crops

Introduction to quantitative genetic principles, the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium theory, breeding methodologies with cross-pollinating crop species, and deviations from expected ratios. Will also introduce the concept of mating systems, which are more applicable to animal systems but allow us to gain additional insights into plant breeding methodology. We will look at a couple of aggressive breeding programs and discuss nursery sizes and performance testing.

Approximate Start Date - January 14, 2019

Approximate End Date - May 10, 2019

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