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Passport Photos for Tax Exempt Entities

Study Abroad Programs Office
Passport Photos for Tax Exempt Entities

Passport Photo Attire Tips

Wear normal street clothes
Wear clothes with shoulder straps

Wear military looking clothing
Wear any head adornments (hats, bows, etc)

For additional prints of the same photo please select the "Additional Photo Prints" option on the product page.

NOTE: The Study Abroad Programs Office will do its best to take passport photos that meet all of the required standards. However we are not responsible for rejected photographs or the delays that may result. Photographs are evaluated by individuals at the U.S. Passport Office and photo suitability is a judgment call made by the Passport Processing Official.
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Be advised: Payment should be submitted ONLY at the time when services are rendered. Prepayment is strongly discouraged as there are NO REFUNDS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please review your purchases carefully before submitting your order. Photos may be exchanged upon proof from a governmental agency that they did not meet the set requirements.