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Class President

Class President
This includes:
Class of 2022, 2021, and 2020 Class President

Any Declaration of Co-Candidacy forms will need to be submitted to the Election Commissioner. Please email

Please read this message before filing as a candidate

I acknowledge for the record the following:

My digital signature below confirms that I have received a copy of the current Election Regulations. Furthermore, I agree to abide by the current Election Regulations under the supervision of the Student Government Election Commissioner and the Aggie Honor Code. I also agree to abide by the directives of the Election Commissioner. I realize that my ballot position may be randomized, and I will give up the right to hand draw a ballot position.

I am not on scholastic or conduct probation.

I hereby allow the Election Commission to check with the Registrar’s Office, Vice President of Student Affairs, and the University Housing Offices as to complete filing requirements. I also authorize the Election Commission to run a grade check in order to determine my eligibility for the office I am seeking.

Under penalty of disqualification, I declare that I have examined the application and to the best of my knowledge, its content is correct, true, and complete.
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Election Commission

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