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UPlantIt: Gardening Made Simple Plant Box

UPlantIt: Gardening Made Simple Plant Box

SOLD OUT! - UPlantIt: Gardening Made Simple Plant Box - SOLD OUT!


Gardens that support pollinators are one of the hottest landscape design trends and a great way to help your problem landscape area take flight! With “The Pollinator Pack” not only will you be giving back to native bees and butterflies, but many species also support our favorite hummingbirds as well! The bonus: These easy to grow plants look great, too! Each plant has been thoughtfully selected to fit perfectly into your colorful pre-designed landscape plan with long blooming pollinator-supporting flowers that are Texas tough. PLUS, the garden includes evergreen and semi-evergreen plant material for year-round interest. Bring your landscape to life with activity with a simple solution that is sure to be the buzz of the neighborhood!


• 32 starter plants with 14 different varieties in 3-inch pots

• 3 plant by number layout options (5' x 25' rectangle; 16’ x 16' triangle; and 14' circle)

• Covers: up to 125 sq. ft.

• Exposure: Plant in Full Sun to Part Shade for best results. (Requires a minimum of 5 hours direct sun per day)

• Mature Height: 1 to 6 ft.

• Duration: Colorful blooms from Spring to Fall

• Benefits: Locally grown, all native and adapted varieties, and pollinator supporting species


• Pick-up date: Saturday, September 28

• Pick-up Time: 8 am – Noon

• Pick-up Locations – 4 locations to choose from in the DFW area

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