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2019 Canine Conference

2019 Canine Conference
August 23-24, 2019 Credit Hours: Up to 17 hours As practicing veterinarians, I think we have all had those moments when we wonder whether to test for a certain disease and also wonder, “Have I been missing this diagnosis?” This year at Canine Conference we will focus on some of these disorders. Dr. Katie Tolbert will discuss the diagnosis of challenging disorders including gastroesophageal reflux and esophageal dysmotility. Dr. Joe Mankin will present his approach to differentiating neurologic from orthopedic disorders in canine patients. Respiratory patients can be especially difficult to work up, and Dr. Andra Voges and Dr. Sonya Wesselowski will discuss imaging findings and differentiating respiratory from cardiac disease. Texas presents unique diagnostic challenges with infectious diseases including Heterobilharzia and Chagas disease. We will delve into these disorders, as well as several other challenging diagnoses. Laboratory Diagnostic Workshop (Optional): “Why is my patient pale? Lab tricks and tips for diagnosing the anemic patient.” These topics and more will be explored at the Texas A&M annual Canine Conference, and we hope you will join us for 2-days of talks aimed at approaching challenging conditions in canine medicine!

Prices range from $225.00 to $515.00 (price depends on options selected)

If cancellation is made during the early bird registration period for the conference, a refund of 80% of the registration fee will be given. Cancellations after the early bird registration closes are not eligible for a refund, but in some cases part or all of the registration fee might qualify for credit towards another one of our conferences.